Notes from Parents

Making Friends

Miss Robyn, We wanted you to know just how much you have meant to our family this past year.  J. absolutely loves going to your preschool.  He always has great stories to tell, and he has made some really good friends.  We know he is in good hands when he's at your house.   It's obvious howuch you truly care about the kids.  Enjoy your much deserved time off! 

On Track

 I can’t say enough good things about Robyn and Sara! All 3 of my kids go to her and you know that they are well taken care of and well-loved when they don’t want to go home at night. Robyn not only makes sure that my kids are prepared and on track for Kindergarten, she is already teaching my infant as well. Robyn is truly and amazing person and there is not a better child care provider out there. 

Ready for School

Dear Robyn, We can't begin to thank you for the extraordinary care you have given G & S over the last 6 years!!  You  have gone way above and beyond what we ever expected in a daycare.  It has been such a blessing to know that they had a safe, loving environment to learn and grow in.  As they move on, we know that they have been shaped by their time with you, and we will always be grateful to you for opening your home and heart to them. 

Happy Little People

Robyn and Sarah, Just want to say thank you for the wonderful care you give M. I feel so lucky to have you both. It is a blessing to have him in your daycare and not worry about him. The pictures are great and really show how happy all the little people are at your daycare. Thanks again for all you do. 

Language Development

LOVE the pictures - especially the ones of M and L outside painting and the kids in the garden!  Looks like they are having a lot of fun and you guys are keeping them busy.  Thanks for all that you do for M.  She is really developing so much faster now that she has started coming to your school.  Dad even commented on how much better she was talking in the few days that he was away!   See you tomorrow.

Helping Raise our little ones

Thank you so much for everything you have done for both of our kids over the last six years.  I can't believe how time has flown by, it is bitter sweet.  We are excited for G. to be in school but it is the end of our time with you!  We will miss you very much.  I know I was very anal about my kids schedules when they were babies but you always did exactly what I needed or asked.  I love my kids so much and would have loved to be an at home mom, but you truly were a blessing for all of us.  You are so patient, organized, and kind.  Thank you for being a big part of their up bringing.  we will miss you!  Thank you!!

Little Messages from Parents



Robyn has been like having family take care of our son, except she knows what she is doing!  I only leave my son with my husband, Robyn & Sarah, and my mother in law. Thats it. Robyn sends him home with manners and skills. I trust her even more when I hear from my backseat 'I love Robyn'. 

 We absolutely love Robyn's Family Daycare.  We have had both our kids with Robyn and she always followed my routine when they were babies.  I am a bit of a control freak and Robyn is amazing.  Her home is neat and clean, she has structured preschool which is very important to me.  Whenever I have questions or concerns about my child, Robyn is always available to answer them.  We feel very lucky to this day to have Robyn and Sarah in our lives. 

 Thank you very much for everything.  You and your family are such a bright light for us.  We are incredibly honored and blessed to have you and your family in our lives 

 We want to thank you for your help and advice that has made our son the polite young man that he is.  We do not know what we would do without you. 

 .....See you tomorrow.  Mattison is looking forward to coming back to school like always... she asks is she is going to Robyn's school on weekends and all her days off!   She really loves it there. 

 My daughter LOVES going to "school" at Robyn's.  She is excited about all of the new things she learns each day.  We really appreciate Robyn and Sarah so much for their dedication and all they do.  I feel such peace knowing that when my daughter isn't with me, she is in such a supportive and caring environment.